Flow measurement technology

Based on the Bernoulli effect, Vectoflow probes can be used to easily and accurately determine the pressure, velocity and angle of attack of fluid flows.
For this purpose, the pressure distribution at the probe tip is considered, which finally allows the flow parameters to be determined. The following applies: The more holes on the probe tip, the higher the achievable accuracy and the measurable angular range.

Flow probes


The Vectoflow manufacturing process allows you to flexibly shape your probe to fit your application exactly.
We realize probe diameters from 1.2 mm and lengths up to 250 mm (standard).

  • The connection (e.g. square, hexagon) of the probe is flexibly adapted to your requirements.
  • Currently we are working on a simple connection of the hoses.

Head shape

In addition to the standard cone and hemisphere shapes, other geometries are possible.


Possible materials are:

  • Titanium (Grade 5)
  • Inconel 718
  • Stainless steels (e.g. 1.4542, 1.4540)
  • Plastics (PEEK, PA12, ABS)
Technical data

The following specifications depend in each case on the geometry, material, head shape and measuring sensor used.

5-hole probe 7-hole probe
Angle of attack 60° (1° accuracy) 70° (1° accuracy)
Tip geometry Cone, hemisphere, special shapes
Tip diameter from 1.2 mm, 3 mm standard
Geometry Variable, lengths one-piece max. 250 mm x 250 mm
Mounting Variable (e.g. square, hexagonal)
Temperature range -50°C to +1200°C
Speed 3 m/s up to Mach 2 (1% accuracy)